What is the Welsh National Road Rally?

For 2022, the National Road Rally committee have taken over the running of Welsh National Road Rally (WNRR). The rally is a navigational scatter rally organised in conjunction with the ACU and the BMF. The first of this new style event will be held on Saturday 7th May.

We have identified 60 locations to use as "controls" - these will all be unmanned and have been allocated either a "letter" or a "number".To achieve a chosen award a rider will have to visit a certain number of each type of control. Riders will be able to choose their own start and finish locations and route which will be recorded on a smart phone app.

The one thing to be aware of is the event is not a race and each rider follows their own route, visiting different controls around Wales. The only time restriction is that riders complete their route in the allotted time, which is ample allowing for rest breaks. The number of controls each rider visits will depend on the award they are competing for. You cannot visit a control twice.

All this and more details of the event will be detailed in the Supplementary Regulations.

Anybody who resides in the UK and has a full UK motorcycle licence can enter the Welsh National Road Rally.

Online entries are via a link on this website, in the tab on the main menu. You will also be able to download a copy of the Supplementary Regulations - these are the “rules” of the WNNR and all riders and pillions should make sure they have read them before entering the rally.

It is a condition of entry that you acknowledge you have read and understood these regulations.

After you have entered the WNNR you will receive a confirmation email.

10 days before the rally you will be able to download all the Control Details to use with the App.

This is where the true challenge of the event begins!

Once you have downloaded control information, you can start planning your route. There are many different ways to plan a route. One good way is to start at the final control (the control where you choose to finish) and then work backwards. You can try various alternatives until you reach a solution relating to the award you wish to achieve - and a starting point that suits you.

Remember that you cannot visit a control twice

Finally - don't worry, it's not as difficult as you might think, as there are many and various routes available to you.

Why not come over to Facebook and join the WNNR group?

There is a large supportive community, where no question is ever as stupid question! Someone will always have an answer and someone else will always be pleased you asked.